Hana has been starring in Films,Television and Theatre for the past 12 years.  



      WINS- The Best Actress for Feature Film - "Hany"

·         TV Talent of the Year 2012 



     The Best Actress for Feature Film - "The Icing"

·        Breakout Star of the Year 2013


  Listing Upon Request 



 "Sněží" - LEAD - Directed by Kristina Nedvědová

 "Bajkeři" - LEAD - Directed by Martin Kopp

 "Milada" - Co - starring, Directed by David Mrnka

 "Hany" - LEAD - Directed by Michal Samir, 

·      Awards:

 ·     Grand Prix - Festival in Oldenburg,

·      Grand Prix - Festival Golden eye in Georgia,

·      Critics Award for Cinematography

·      Winner - Best Actress


·     "The Icing" -  LEAD, Directed by Jan Hřebejk,


           ·      Best Comedy - Festival Zlin

·                          Nominations:

·                          Best Actress


·      "Touchless"  LEAD, Directed by M.Chlupáček, M.Samir

·       "Aussig"       LEAD, Directed by T.Lane

·      "Bathory"      LEAD, Directed by J.Jakubisko



    "Trojí život" - LEAD, Directed by Jakub Sommer - TV film

    "Nejlepší přítel" - LEAD, Directed by Karel Janák - TV film

·     "The Roman King" - Co-starring, Directed by Václav Křístek - TV film

    "Innocent Lies" -  LEAD, Directed by Jitka Rudolfová,  TV film/drama

    "The Zodiac Murders" -  LEAD, Directed by Ivan Pokorný, TV show/12 parts

     "Assassination" -  LEAD, Directed by Jiří Chlumský, Petr Nikolaev,  TV show/drama/18 parts

    "Roll Out the Lovers" -  LEAD, Directed by Petr Zahrádka,  TV film/romantic comedy

    "Women Who Hate Men" -  LEAD, Directed by R.Sedláček,  TV film/drama

    "Tell Me More I-III" -  LEAD, Directed by B.Arichtev, TV show/comedy-drama/3

    seasons/ Each season 20 episodes

        "Wild Country I-IV" -  LEAD, Directed by H.Bočan,  TV show/drama/

      4 seasons/each season 11 episodes

    "Convicted I-III" - LEAD,  Directed by P.Bebjak, R.Šveda,  TV

    show/drama/3seasons/ each season 12 episodes

    "A Stranger's Life" - LEAD,  Directed by J.Deák,  TV film/drama

    "Firefighters" - LEAD,  Directed by J.Chlumský, TV film/drama/action

       "Evicted Man" - Co - Starring,  Directed by D.Klein,  TV film

    "Love the Devil" - LEAD, Directed byH.Bočan, TV film/fairytail/comedy

       "Organized Crime Unite" - LEAD,  Directed by P.Kotek, I.Pokorný, TV

     show/drama/16 episodes


·      Listing Upon Request



·      "Curious Incident of the Dog In The Nighttime" - LEAD, written by Mark Haddon, Directed

     by SKUTR, theatre Kalich, Prague

       "Nick" - LEAD, Directed by Petra Tejnorová,  theatre Jatka 78, Prague

    "A Streetcar Named Desire" - LEAD,  written by T.Williams, Directed by Thomas Zielinski,

    theatre divadlo DISK, Prague

    "Midsummer Nightś Dream" - LEAD, written by W. Shakespeare, Directed by SKUTR, Letní

    Shakespearovské slavnosti, Prague

    "Oresteia I-III" - LEAD, written by Aischylos, Directed by Tomáš Svoboda, Thomas Zielinski,

    theatre Rokoko, Prague

   "The Taming of the Shrew" - Co - Starring, written by W.Shakespeare, Directed by Juraj

    Deák, theatre Divadlo Na Vinohradech, Prague

   "Don Juan" - LEAD,  written by Moliere, Directed by Tomáš Svoboda, theatre Divadlo

     Rokoko, Prague

   "Death and the Maiden" - LEAD,  written by Ariel Dorfmann, Directed by Filip Nuckolls,

     theatre Nod, Prague

   "Anna Karenina" -  LEAD, written by L.N.Tolstoj, Directed by Peter Gábor, theatre Divadlo

     ABC, Prague

   "Přirození", LEAD, written by Petr Kolečko, Directed by Adéla Stodolová, theatre A studio

     Rubín, Prague

   "Poslední papež" - LEAD,  written by Petr Kolečko, Directed by Adéla Svobodová, theatre A

    studio Rubín, Prague

   "The Interview with Astronauts" - LEAD,  written by Felicie Zeller, Directed by Natálie

    Deaková,  theatre Švandovo divadlo, Prague

   "The Kingfishers" - LEAD,  written by Tine Rahel Volcker, Directed by Jitka Rudolfová, 

    theatre Divadlo v Řeznické, Prague

   "The Leaving" - LEAD,  written by Václav Havel, Directed by David Radok, theatre

    Divadlo Archa, Prague




    DAMU - Academy of performing Arts Prague, Bernard Hiller - Masterclass in Italy, LA,

    New York, London. James Kemp – London Workshop


·      Dancing - Modern Dance, Jazz

·      Jumping on Trampoline - acrobation for 4 years.




·      Fluent - English, Spanish, Czech



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